We want you! And your art! Your voice! Your words!

We want to hear you.



Life is hard and shitty at times. But it also fun and euphoric.

As girls we are often thaught to shut the fuck up and accept what is. This is hard. And it sucks.

Here is the place where you can say what you want. Express yourself, raise your voice! Tell us what you love and what you hate! Show us your darkest and your brightest side – we appreciate both of them!

We will publish your art on our page and if you want give others the opportunity to leave comments so you can find likeminded girls and discuss your art and the feelings that you expressed with it. And you´ll make new friends too!



We also do not like rules but to avoid a complete mess here are some guidelines:

  • your art has to be applied on a skateboard (you don´t necessarily need to buy a skateboard and paint on it. We also accept digital skateart or you cut out a sheet of paper in the form of a board. That`s fine too. Important is the restriction of the canvas. Find your way to put your art between the borders of the board – just as in the real world where you have to find your place within the borders of society)
  • if you don´t want to draw or paint, send us your story or poem. And partner up with someone who wants to contribute skateart to your words. We help you find an art partner.
  • you should be a girl! Sorry guys, but you ruled the world long enough and there is still way to go for us girls to ensure equality and fight for our right to be heard. Transgender and gays are welcome tough 🙂
  • we do not care which language you are speaking. Contribute your art in the language you feel confident with. Just use the words that you´ve always wanted to say!



Send your art to and answer the following questions:

  1. What`s your name and age?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Some words about your art. What´s the topic? Why did you choose it?
  4. Are we allowed to publish your name or do you want to remain anonymous?
  5. If you want to get published we are also happy to add a portrait of you – send us an image and a short bio if you want us to feature you that way.

Please be aware that with sending us your art you give us the permission and rights to use it on our website and social media channels. We put all this things together in the privacy policy and link it here as soon as we are done with this sht.

Also please don`t expect us to answer immediately. We are hard working people with full-time jobs. We do this project in an act of love and passion. That`s why we don´t rush it, we don`t pressure it and we don`t squeeze it in. Each and everybody gets our time and attention – and this takes time. Thanks for your understanding!



Don´t worry. We are working on some workshops and tutorials to help you out. Of course you can also ask us at